Suu Kyi's Lawyer Fears Closed Trial, Long Prison Term for Ousted Myanmar Leader

“Each of the charges can be sentenced to imprisonment of three years,” Maung Zaw told VOA.

The four charges made by the junta government, officially the State Administrative Council (SAC), include possessing unlicensed walkie-talkies, violating COVID-19 restrictions, breaching telecommunication laws and incitement to cause public unrest.

Suu Kyi already appeared in court on March 1 via video link, the first time she was seen since she was detained, but the hearing was only between her and the judge as her defense counsel hasn’t been permitted to represent Suu Kyi in court.

“We are not allowed in the courtroom. Only the judge. Nobody [else] was allowed in court,” Maung Zaw said.

He said his junior lawyers managed to sneak a peek of the detained leader as she addressed the judge via video projector, and said Suu Kyi “seemed in good condition” at the time.

“Even at this point, a fair trial, everyone has a right to meet with lawyers or relatives when in custody, but she hasn’t had that chance,” he added.

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