So tonight I dumped my boyfriend for being poisoned by The Red Pill.

No great guy turns into a monster from reading reddit.

You'd be surprised. I've had a few friends who I've known for 15+ years turn to the Red Pill type mentality because of things they've gone through. They may have changed forever or maybe it's a defense mechanism until they grow the fuck up and realize what assholes they are but let me assure you, they were pretty normal before they changed.

Just last week I was out for drinks with a very attractive lesbian couple that I had recently become friends with. We went around bar hopping and after a while I ended up asking my friend for a ride home because I was too drunk to drive myself. My friend comes to pick me up and sees me with these very beautiful girls. The second we leave, he starts telling me how if I was a real man, I would have fucked one of them by now. I try to explain how they're lesbians and have been together for 5 years and how I've been in a relationship for 7 years, that he's not making any sense. He proceeds to tell me that it's just because I am not man enough because all women want a real man and the only reason you fail at getting with one is you didn't play your cards right. Doesn't matter if they're lesbians, doesn't matter if they're in a relationship or don't find you attractive. You somehow fucked up and aren't a "real man".

Sounds like a total douchebag right? Misogynist? Well, just a few years before that he was a feminist and was an activist for social equality in university. His girlfriend of 2 years up and left him without an explanation and he flipped his shit and turned into the asshole I know today. He's weak for letting one thing completely change who he was, but still he wasn't always the Red Piller I know today. I have some hope left for him but he may stay bitter for the rest of his life.

Don't ever underestimate people's ability to change, it does happen.

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