Trans man loses legal battle to register as father of child he gave birth to. Court ruled in favour of the right of a child born to a transgender parent to know the biological reality of its birth, rather than the parent’s right to be recognised on the birth certificate in their legal gender

This fascination with labels - as well as trying to force others to accept your labels - seems kind of ridiculous to me.

Tolerance and diversity in a society is good thing, and necessary for a genuine liberal society. But this form of forced tolerance where people demand (often through legal action or plain old 'cancel culture') that you express tolerance for them in very precise ways just rubs me entirely the wrong way.

Also seems counterproductive to me half the time. Like, if you are trying to raise tolerance and understanding about a marginalised or minority group, is it really effective to do it in such an inflammatory way? Moves like this also just seem to give ammo to far right groups looking to denigrate 'virtue-signalling liberals'.

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