Trump asked for options for attacking Iran last week, but held off - source

That poll asks 2 separate questions. Do you agree that a) Biden won, and b) that the election was legitimate. If enough states had not been projected conclusively when the poll was done, then reasonable people could have legitimate questions whether Biden had won, regardless of whether they thought it was legitimately-administered election.

Answering "no" to that question does not mean that 8 of 10 Trump voters thought the election was illegitimate. It quite possibly means they have not accepted some projections. The was administered Nov 8-10. There were still legal challenges pending, some of which did actually go in Trump's favor. Waiting to see which challenges would move forward, and whether they were strong enough to make a difference is not the same as blindly refusing to acknowledge confirmed results.

And with many political and media organizations having openly had it in for Trump and his voters for the past 5 years, it's completely understandable why Trump voters might want to see an official, certified result, with oversight, before accepting projections, when the polls being pushed by the same media had been so incredibly wrong up and down the ballot only a week before.

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