Trump Has Essentially Abdicated The Basic Responsibilities Of A President

Look, it's time for people to stop deluding themselves into thinking Trump ever intended to serve America, or that he truly had America's interests at heart at any stage, much less at present.

Trump managed to sell a bunch of empty, inflammatory promises and comforting buzz words to a lot of angry, desperate, disenfranchised people. He told them what he knew they wanted to hear, he promised to "make America great again".

But the sort of power Trump wants is not presidential power. A president does not treat the co-equal branches of government with outright contempt. A president puts himself last. A president embodies ideals he might not necessarily agree with personally, in the interests of all Americans. A president is not petty or vindictive or obsessed with his own popularity in comparison to his rivals. A president serves their country.

Trump isn't interested in serving anyone but himself.

The power Trump wants is not the sort of exhausting, self-sacrificing weight, shouldered by past presidents (that 17 day vacation still going?) He's never going to be dedicated. He's never going to serve.

To him, power is about ego. About getting your way. About being the centre of attention. That is not, and never will be, presidential.

The sort of power Trump wants is to be a sort of oligarch or monarch. He wants to be a rich, important guy everyone ass-kisses for turning up. I mean, we hear about how Russia must have something on Trump, and maybe they do - but that aside, I think Trump actually does admire Putin. That is the sort of leader he wants to be. Putin isn't his puppeteer as much as his idol.

Trump isn't interested in being president, and if America intends to remain the land of the free, getting this wanna-be dictator the fuck out of office is critical.

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