The U.S. Military is buying user location data harvested from a Muslim prayer app that has been downloaded by 98 million people around the world

There is no extermination of uighur Muslims in Xinjiang lol. By saying that you're taking away from the actual problem, which are the reeducation camps in Xinjiang designed to wipe an entire ethnic group of their culture, and assimilate them into the mainland. That's CCP's entire thing, they want to unify all of China under their government and culture.

There is no proof of any extermination. There is however proof of cultural assimilation through reeducation camps, which is bad enough. No need to make up stuff about extermination or genocide that doesn't exist. Call me a China shill if it makes you feel better, but I don't favor any country.

Also, don't forget America has killed countless innocent Muslims in the middle east, and there's actual proof of that.

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