UK, YouGov poll: Remain: 46% Leave with May deal: 27% Leave without deal: 27%

If it was apparent 2 years later that remaining in the EU was going to be a problem and cost the country billions then yes I would very much want another referendum and probably change my vote from remain to leave.

But now you're just focusing on the economical impact. People voted in the way they did for many other reasons. Most people I've come across that voted leave are willing to see economic bloodshed, regardless.

People who voted to leave didn't know what they do now, given how much more information there is now it's fair to let people reconsider what they want, especially when polls indicate that that's exactly what people are doing

I don't buy that. Many people across the country couldn't give a flying f*ck about the information that has become apparent since article 50 was triggered. Simply take a look at the comments on The Sun, Daily Mail or even the BBC's website. A hard Brexit is always the most up voted, supported comment time and time again.

You assume people will change their views because an economically damaging outcome seems on the cards. My point is that for many, they do not care.

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