Unable to get complex medical issue diagnosed in Australia?

okay, this may seem like a REE IM VEGAN REEEEEE (but its not got anything to do with not eating meat. just eating the right meats)

if you dont want to thats fine. i guess with the average aussie life style its hard to change this much. i guess its more a last resort. just diet changes really. not even vegan

but 3 things that have changed my life soo much and have infact cured 2 people i know of chronic diseases,

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar. 1Tsp/day for 3 months. can help with stomach .. well actually everything. arthritis, sleep problems you get the point.

Less saturated fats and more natural fats. from grassfed cattle (beef), and 5L if water a day.

Lyposomal C (healthier Vitamin C suppliment) Gives energy and a boost to your entire system. immune-energy all round- mental state.

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