Unpaid UberEats drivers storming Uber HQ

where i'm located (long island, new york) everything is spread out and there's not a ton of traffic like cities. i average around $20-25 an hour, legitimately on deliveries. i also run lyft whenever deliveries slow down and i'll make like $10 every drop off+tips.

the reason i stopped is it's mentally draining and like others have mentioned, a lot of restaurants just straight up suck. they're not really setup to have your delivery ready so you end up wasting 10-15 minutes waiting on a simple ass order from like friendly's/mcdonalds. the miles i end up putting in + gas and time and having to keep track of all my own tax stuff is kind of annoying. but it's to the point where i start a normal job again tomorrow and i'm not sure if the pay will even equal out to how much i was making with uber. obviously i can do both still but meh. who wants that life.

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