Weekly Reading and Interpretation Help Thread - April 19, 2020

I kiiinda have two minds about this.

One is there's a reason I cant read myself and that's just part of how tarot or divination works.

Two, tarot is random nonsense and this is proof of it. Maybe you only seem accurate with others because the readings can be ambiguous, maybe other people are too polite to say anything, etc.

I do lean towards one because Ive felt incredible and consistent messages come through but i do worry a lot about #2. I also get "third eye tingling" like crazy which suggests either this is part of a magical process or there's a gland in there that gets activated when doing this for some reason. Who knows!

It just upsets me I cant get straight answers especially to VERY BIG things in my life, but I can read others just fine. Especially when i get a really negative reading but the person says nothing of negativity and I'm like "ok this is probably wrong but.." and then they say "oh yes things are super terrible for me right now i just didnt want to say anything." Its bothersome I can get these hits with others but not myself.

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