I went completely psychotic towards the plastic devices

Why are you assuming that he countering that the therapist advised this is fact? If the therapist said this, why would OP be surprised that he was keeping track? She would be aware of this because she would have needed to specifically tell him this. If he tells OP that the therapist advised this, whilst she's in the midst of a psychotic break, she's not going to argue or disbelieve him.

On the flip side of this, what he's saying actually sounds very plausible, and he could be doing exactly what the therapist advised. If there are issues with their sex life, and infrequent intimacy, it would be plausible for a therapist to recommend this.

I know you didn't intend this with your comment, but it gives the impression that the man without mental health issues, and who is not actually here explaining this situation is automatically believed over the woman with mental health issues, who is here explaining the situation.

People can have unconscious biases around mental health issues and can disbelieve, automatically dismiss, or cast doubt on people with mental health issues' accounts of situations because they assume that their mental health issues makes them an unreliable witness. This is not how it works.

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