What is it about the Night Shift that brings out all the Nutjobs?

I'm surprised the cops actually showed up. We called the cops on more than one occasion for problem guests and they never showed up or they'd show up 2 hours later.
We had a guy in the lobby bar who was extremely drunk, to the point of it being dangerous. We get a call at the FD from this guy's AA sponsor telling us guest is a bad alcoholic, he has drank more than a 5th of vodka and we needed to call an ambulance. I've had some experience dealing with alcoholism so I went down to talk to him. He started bawling and said he needed to go to rehab, he was so embarrassed, he wanted me to call 911 so he could be hospitalized and hopefully transfered to a rehab facility. I call 911 and sit with him until they arrive. Cops and paramedics show up and I was appalled. The EMT berates him, tells him to 'get his shit together' (in front of all these other guests in the bar/atrium). The cop tells me 'i can't believe you guys called us. This is a waste of time'. To which I said 'this guy is ASKING FOR HELP' and she said something to the effect of 'yeah, not getting shitfaced would help'. They did not transfer him to the hospital even though he was begging to go. They told him to go to bed. We, the staff, had to help him to his room as he was barely able to walk. We checked on him repeatedly throughout the night to make sure he didn't fucking die. 2 days later our shuttle gave him a ride to the airport where he was flying out to a rehab facility in Seattle.

Anyway, I wasn't even planning on telling that story. I couldn't believe how they acted. My supervisor and I both filed separate complaints with the PD about it. We never got a call or any kind of follow up.

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