What are the most clutch plays in NFL History?

Random, clutch moments that heavily impacted SB & NFL history. In no particular order:

A) The Catch from Montana to Clark. Watching that play just left me shock and it caused the rise and fall of two NFL franchises. Niners built an all-time elite team and the Cowboys spiraled down to something beyond terrible. Many years later, when Jimmy Johnson had rebuilt his Cowboys into a SB contender, it was the remnants of that Niners team waiting for them at the top of the mountain. Steve Young replaced Montana but it was still that dynamic West-Coast offense with a strong defense.

B) Vinatieri playoff kick to lead the Pats over the Raiders. The weather was so bad & there was no way you could be confident beforehand. As soon as he launched that ball, it was like a loud bang just went off. Just kept sailing forward & through the uprights. The first SB run for one of the greatest NFL dynasties ever.

C) Tyree's helmet catch. Even though the Giants managed to hang around, I still think there was a general feeling that the invincible Pats would grind them out & conclude the greatest season in NFL history. After Tyree's catch, you just had a feeling like the football Gods themselves had intervened.

D) Santonio Holmes TD vs. Cards. He has detractors but you have to give Santonio Holmes for dragging his feet & hauling in the pass that would bring his Steelers the SB. It sadly ended one of the most glorious Cinderella stories I've ever seen. Although the Steelers won that game, Warner's ability to drive his team in the clutch on the previous drive was when I was 100% sure he was going to the HOF. Serious clutch moves on both sides.

E) Malcolm Butler's interception to seal the last SB was super clutch. I'm sure even most NE fans had doubts they were going to win that game as Lynch dragged defenders to the very edge of the goal line. An unstoppable force with 3 more attempts from short-yardage? Well Malcom Butler stepped up and put his stamp on that SB & helped cement the legacy for Brady & BB. Of course they're both all-time greats. However, there's too many fans & media that judge players & coaches strictly on the Championships. So they needed that 4th SB win just to silence football trolls that refused to put them on the same plane as great Niner & Steeler teams.

F) Ending of the Rams/Titans SB. Mike Jones in the open field made an extremely clutch tackle to preserve the only SB win for the Greatest Show on Turf. With the Titans coming back strong towards the ending of the game, the Rams looked ready to falter against the massive enemy momentum.

On a side note, the most exciting NFL play I can recall are tied between: Music City Miracle & the Dolphins/Chargers Hook & Ladder.

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