What are your takes on the zodiac signs? This is an in depth view, so no half ass please.

Aries - I admire their strength and no-bullshit attitude. I have Venus in Aries so I understand this energy. Can be too self centered and uncaring though.

Taurus - as a Taurus Sun, I like the honesty of Tauruses, we’re authentic if nothing else. But a lot of Tauruses that lack Water or Fire can indeed be boring and too attached to earthy mundane matters instead of interested in delving into the abstract and the spiritual.

Gemini - Doesn’t really match with me, can be charming and funny people but too talky for me.

Cancer - Very warm people who can be natural comedians, occasionally all the talking about their emotions can slide into self pity though. But as a Cancer Rising I have a soft spot for Cancers.

Leo - don’t know many. Leo Moons can be awfully annoying, always begging for an audience for every little word and gesture. It’s exhausting to have the feeling they want you to react to everything they do or say. With a Scorpio Sun though that placement is much less grating, compared to say an Aquarius Sun.

Virgo - I know many of them, they can be too left brained and cerebral but their wit and precision is second to none. They can be great friends and really care.

Libra - Wishy washy and shallow from those I’ve encountered, but their fairness in viewing situations is still necessary and they’re very nice people.

Scorpio - I have a Scorpio Moon/Pluto/Lilith, so I feel this energy at my core and don’t know any other way of feeling through life and reacting. The Scorpio way of finding strength in failure is such an inspiration, it’s how I bounce back from my weaker moments in life. I like this energy so much because it’s the Mars passion combined with the depth of Pluto - strength and intellect. However, I know as well as anybody just how debilitating it is to constantly repress your feelings just because anything that seems “weak” or makes one vulnerable is to be avoided at all costs. This can be very unhealthy. I’m still working on it...

Sagittarius - I love their enthusiasm, ability to not take themselves too seriously, and curious mind. Fun people to be around.

Capricorn - Nothing too wrong with Caps as they can be solid workers and loyal friends (funny, too)- but sometimes some Caps have this lack of passion or coldness that drives me nuts.

Aquarius - I seem to attract Aquarius women a lot. Something about them vibes well with me even though they can be a bit detached. But if they have a lot of water and some earth in their chart we get on well.

Pisces - very creative often brilliant and compassionate people, but they can get lost in self pity or weighed down by awful people who they keep on giving their energy to for no good reason. I have Mars in Pisces and it’s a blessing and a curse; the intuition and psychic capability of this sign is really great though.

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