Corey Bernadi answers an email about Safe Schools.

Holy shit. I thought this program was about supporting gay and lesbian students and discouraging bullying of them. So I thought Cory Bernardi was a monster for opposing it.


A short film to help young people understand the importance of respecting the pronouns used by your transgender and gender diverse friends.


The first question often asked after we’re born is “Is it a boy or a girl?” The assumption is that a child will fulfil one of those two distinct categories. But we are not all born ‘standard male’ or ‘standard female’.

Gender neutral pronouns: any pronoun other than he/his/him or she/her such as ze/hir/zir, it/its, they/their/them, robot/robots, one, heart/hearts or anything else that someone may choose to use.

Questioning your gender or being trans* is not an illness or a psychiatric disorder but if you want safe medical treatment you need to deal with the medical system.

They even compare gender dysphoria, a recognized mental illness, with homosexuality, since that used to be a mental illness too. Pretty bloody offensive.

Don't get me wrong, they provide a lot of really fantastic material too, but it seems like there's a few extremists putting some weird shit in there (not just the examples I have given, but also others mentioned in this thread). They shouldn't have canned the whole thing, since the depression and suicide rates for LGBTI people needs to be addressed, but the program in its current state reads like a typical tumblr blog.

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