This Is What It Looks Like When Men Are Allowed To Take 480 Days Of Paternity Leave

I have a question - if I were a boss and I could get away with paying an employee less money just because she is a woman and for no other reason whatsoever except sexism, as you seem to suggest, then why wouldn't I fire every single man and hire only women to work for me for less money, therefore saving on salary expenses and getting the same job done? If it were really true that women are paid less because of nothing more than sexism, you would be seeing only women getting hired and men who want more money wouldn't receive any job offers whatsoever because hey, there's a woman who can do the same job as the man but get paid less. Yet we never see that happen.

As you can see the logic is flawed. You are forgetting that companies do not give a shit about your gender, sexual orientation, political beliefs, or any of the other stuff like that that butthurt people use in order to cry discrimination. Companies only care about getting the job done - who is qualified, who can make things happen, who's got the experience, and who can negotiate a good deal for themselves.

Also - there is another dynamic that people forget. There are jobs that are more like a "calling" - something people do because they feel like it's their inner conviction, to do good for society, etc. These special types of jobs, yes, liked and preferred by women, they require a special kind of dedication - school teacher, medical nurse, things like that. When somebody has the inner conviction and enthusiasm to "do good", employers know that this is very strong motivation so they don't need to pay as high salaries. Teachers are unlikely to quit their job because they don't do it because of the money anyway - they do it for the kids, obviously. When the inner conviction is weaker or the job is not very inspiring but still needs to be done, a boss is likely to pay more. This explains also some types of free volunteer work and working pro-bono - it's for people who believe in a cause so strongly that they're ready to work for no pay whatsoever.

It boils down to this - anyone who is not happy with the level of pay they get is absolutely free to negotiate a better deal with their boss, find another job with better compensation or change sectors. It's all a matter of economics. And I think it's highly unprofessional the way some people try to make business decisions into some sort of a personal issue, to the point of filing lawsuits and blackmailing companies for money because of alleged discrimination.

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