What do you think that popular culture will romanticize about the 2010s?

Political correctness.

I guarantee you that, at some time in the future, people will look back and think that the PC movement got results. I know that some of you may have a knee jerk reaction towards this based on your own experience of PC: either you'll think "no way" or you'll think "what the hell are you talking about PC works and is the only way." Get your head out of this era and try to think objectively.

I have no doubt that the ideas behind PC will eventually prevail, but the fact of the matter is that the way the PC movement went about executing strategy from 2013-present was a massive failure, ending in President Trump of all people. However, I'm certain that someone will look back at this moment and think to themselves something like "the battle was long and hard, but those angry tactics of boycotting movies and checking privileges eventually worked" even though the results will probably be from moderates who keep their mouths shut long enough to pass some kind of legislation rather than extremists who keep demanding that we pass the perfect legislation, while arguing indefinitely about what the perfect legislation is.

They'll probably think to themselves that the PC movement brought a moment of true peace amongst genders and races within specific areas. They'll romanticize the small private school college environments from descriptions either by secondary sources or primary sources that look like they are "the underdog." Rebelling against the parent generation, they'll try to recreate this environment using similar tactics. Of course, it'll work a little bit better cause they will have grown up in more healthy environments, but the result will ultimately be the same: backlash, anger, confusion, mental illness. The fact of the matter is that you do not consciously control your subconscious. Monks may appear to consciously control their subconscious via heartbeats etc, but they actually get these results by consciously making changes to their environment that subconsciously effect them because they don't demand results (i.e. Breathing exercises.)

I once argued with someone about the tactics the PC movement was using and they told me that, according to me, the Civil Rights Movement would've never gotten results. I argued back that the Civil Rights movement got results because they DID change their tactics. The Civil Rights movement was around for years and got nothing but backlash and failure. They only got results once they took the least oppositional approach possible. It's important to remember that.

Tl;dr we haven't seen the last of "consciously change your subconscious despite the well-documented fact that that only has the opposite effect" Political Correctness.

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