What was something that happened to you or something you witnessed when you were younger, that you didn't realize was inappropriate or wrong until you were an adult?

Coming in to this late, but fuck it.

I grew up around a lot of partying and drug use, and several things I took for granted as "normal" back then I've had to re-learn are not. From small things like catching people doing lines of blow in the laundry room when I wanted a snack (the pantry was off of the laundry area) to being asked at 10 to drive my dad's Camaro because he was too drunk (I ended up flipping it on its side in a ditch on the side of the road because I was fucking 10), there are a lot of little things that were a bit off.

Oddly, the one that sticks in my head was how my mom would smoke 2-3 joints on the road when we would leave my abusive dad for the weekend because Mom "had to get away" and having to keep her from passing out or drifting into other lanes because she was so baked.

I had friends who were molested or smacked around, so being neglected never felt like I was being mistreated.

tl;dr — my parents did drugs a lot

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