What is something you love about your significant other that you’ll never admit to them?

Sure but that’s where forgiveness is important. I’d like to think that most people are in fact capable of change but it takes time and patience. Partnership isn’t meant to be easy and people expect it to be perfect all of the time which is completely unrealistic. We’re gonna have good and bad days, days where we snapped at them and they didn’t deserve it, times where maybe they don’t give us this or that, times we said something hurtful. I applaud couples who can have completely civil conversations without raising their voice for example. That’s something both myself and my partner are working on. We both grew up in households where our families would rage at each other and then just move on like nothing happened. Extremely toxic right? Do I recognize that? Absolutely! Are we actively trying to rid ourselves of communicating in such a way? Absolutely! However, have we had hiccups and failed miserably sometimes? Yes unfortunately. We’re only human.

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