What will the U.K. housing landscape look like in 30 years?

This is the scary part.


Buying always looks great when there's been a fast increase in house prices for a few years. Often though the market will go through a decade where house prices don't increase at all. That's when you realize you've been dumping in huge amounts of mortgage money and property taxes but still have little equity and the huge transactions costs wipe even that out. Landlords and mortgage lenders who have not been able to evict are not going to waive a year or more of payments. Maybe a few will, but not most. Most will evict and sue, leading to a housing glut and many bankruptcies Housing is exploding right now because of a lack of inventory, and because a lot of people who still have jobs decided to upgrade (working at home makes you want a nicer place). It is going to end up in this weird inflationary spit take. Low interest rates property prices go through the roof. They raise rent to pay the inflated price of properties and people can simply not afford it and those who paid too much can not afford to charge less and well, a bunch of bankruptcies latter and a lot of cheap properties on the market as interest rates go up and rents come down.

Inflation with a rise in people's wages that will trip over real fast and go into deflation, especially property values, now is the time to sell, definitely not buy, next year probably a good time to buy, best deal to be had at bankruptcy auctions they will be real busy.

Something really big and bad is about to happen. We've been saying this for years I know. But you can feel the energy and tension EVERYWHERE now...The number of boomers living large off home equity loans way beyond their savings is huge. Why buy and lose 20-40% in the coming months.

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