When they only want an internet girlfriend

Thissss. This is why I so religiously follow the philosophy of "he's just not that into you." I get a lot of shit for this on reddit but I'm sticking to it. Simply put, them's the rules. It HAS to be the man's idea. The man has to want you and want to marry you and want kids with you. It can't be me. Because when he wakes up one day "not happy" he can blame me, say I'm the one who wanted all this and I'm the reason for the (real or imagined) breakdown. Men today are lazy and balk intensely at this idea when I bring it up, but it really truly is hardwired in them to pursue women they want. If you're not calling me, you're unmatched and removed from social media and gone. No exceptions.

You wouldn't believe the number of guys who later try to say "But I thought you weren't interested!!!" lol yeah right. They know. Believe me, they know. I can tell bc they drop little hints in their word choice and microexpressions. My chronic ghoster in my late 20s was like "But I thought it was just sex!" I was like lmao you think I have sex with just anyone? With men who have sex with just anyone? Nahh bro I have standards. I thought you did too. He looked...kinda sad and ashamed, if I'm being honest. He didn't have much to say after that. I can't help but think he knew I was right. He knew that I knew that if he were really into me, he'd date me "for reals" and he just didn't want to. A real shame, too, 'cause I was so hot back then lmao.

Dude still trolls my social media once or twice a year, likely checking to see if he still has access to me. In a way he does, like if he made a gesture of "Look my bad, I do wanna date you properly, wanna go out this weekend?" I'd be all about it. But he's hoping I'll initiate. I'm not gonna. Them's the rules. I don't make em I just play by em.

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