Women don't want the type of men you are trained to be and I think it's on purpose.

There's a reason that the woke door mats and their chicks control social media. Dudes who respect themselves tend not to engage in their bullshit sjw conversations online.

We really don't give a shit. Of all the social media platforms, you'll probably find the most self-respecting dudes on reddit, because it's anonymous.

Even then, we usually tend not to engage in much except a hobby we're interested in or unless something is affecting us personally and we're pissed.

Young women are some of the stupidest creatures on earth. So are young men.

Personally, I don't think most of people are fit for society until their about 30, and even then, just barely.

Living outside of the USA for a few years now and watching from a far, the left-wing political party seems to have neutered their dudes. Or maybe the neutered ones are the most vocal on social media. No sé.

Eh, but what are you gonna do. It's fucking life. Like it or love it.

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