Women of Reddit, I'm kinda nervous about getting my first period. According to one of my older friends, it's terrible. Could any of you give me some tips and tricks on how to deal with them when they come?

First, don’t panic.

You can start preparing for your period by making sure you have a supply of pads at home and in your backpack or purse when you leave the house. Talk to your mom about how you feel, mom’s are there to help you. If you’re in school, ask to go to the restroom. If you can’t go to the restroom during class, go to the bathroom on the way to your next class. Clean yourself up the best you can. If you have no pads, use toilet paper or if you have a quarter buy a pad from the machine in the bathroom (if there is one). You could also go to the nurse as well (I didn’t have to go to the nurse because mine happened at home). Or talk to the teacher (if it’s a lady) after class and ask her if she has anything you could use. Make sure to tell your mom sooner rather than wait.

In the end, remember that it’s a normal part of a girl’s transition to womanhood. Hope this helps.

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