My senior year of high school I failed three classes

I didn't study. I never do study lol. I don't know how I got a b+ in my intensive French class...I didn't even buy books. I just got plot summaries and quotes online. But when I went started my journey to get my BA, the internet wasn't utilized AS much as it is now. I would just ask my instructors for extra credit and ways to increase my participation grade. As for the SATs that's what I fucked up on and wish I hadn't. You need to score well for an easier ride in school especially if you want a chance at scholarships. *Find the time to either participate in an SAT prep course in person or online and really focus on the subjects covered in the SATs. Don't talk to friends, don't hang out, tell your family you need extra support like meals prepared and sent to your room for the next six weeks. Because you need to cram as much information as possible inside your brain. The best and easiest way I crammed for remembering facts and vocabulary is associating words, concepts, dates, with scents, feelings, sounds. Connecting things, associating them with other things, improves memory. This can even help in math. Copy down all the rules and formulas for math and science on reference cards. And unfortunately here comes the hard part, you have to do exercises from each chapter until you can effectively solve them quickly. The only way to improve in math is to actively do the problems over and over again working from the basics and then adding these basics to more complex solutions. Same goes with science except you have to remember more trivial facts than in math where it's more application. Study what you specifically need for the SATs and NOTHING ELSE. FIND OUT WHAT EACH TOPIC IS AND WILL BE COVERED AND PREP YOURSELF ON GRAMMAR. Grammar is all about memorizing rules. Read up on the kinds of examples they'll include in the SAT's. Also get your nutrition up. Vitamin b6 in the form of p5p, enteric coated, plus vitamin c like 3g a day, plus magnesium glycinate, vitamin D, omega 3, and 5 htp, theanine, will ALL help you focus better. Skip coffee and get rest and eat whole grains and easily digestible protein like whey protein and eggs. Good luck! *

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