[WP] You are reincarnated as a voice within a schizophrenic's head.

I have a lot of experience with this, kid. It’s not a balloon you can pop and *poof*, it’s gone.

“It is wrong.” he said he said with a tremble in his hand. “Don’t try to convince me it’s not.”

*There you go again with your ambiguities. This is wrong, nyaah and this is right, nyaah. What the hell do those words even mean?

He removed the pills from his side pocket and dropped them on the counter, one landing flat and the other on its side rolling towards the sink. “A life is a life. Please, just…get out.”

The government kills civilians overseas all and calls it collateral damage. If human life doesn’t do it for you, then take animals. We euthanize those sorry bastards by the metric shit-tons and call it population control.

He was quiet for a few moments before speaking again, “It’s a necessity. We don’t do it because we want to; we do it because we are forced to.”

Then you and I are in perfect agreement, Dr. Humanity. We all do what we gotta out of necessity, like you, right now. You need this, you don’t want it. Shit even I can see that. Now who in the diddly-fuck is to tell you what’s right and wrong then?

His eyes darted to and fro, scanning the countertop without looking at anything in particular.

Ah, see, kinda stupid if you stop and think about it isn’t it? In the end, what does the world see? A statistic, read and forgotten. Take it like a bad medicine. You don’t need to enjoy it, but you still need it

His heart began to race as he reached for meat tenderizer and his hand quaked like a Chihuahua. He ripped a square of paper cloth, placed both pills in the center, and folded it over them before crushing the circular tablets into a fine powder.

Look, I’m not trying to convince you, alright. I’m no motivational speaker. Like I said, I have a lot of experience with this, and I can see potential in your mind. You can so much more than I could dream of.

“He walked over to the wine cabinet and clutched the neck of the sparkling white wine bottle. It was her favorite. He slid it out of the slot and placed it with a soft ting against the marble, just above the powdered tablets. “This is…just a onetime thing.” he said licking his lips, “After that you get the fuck out.”

I’ll make you a deal. Get it done, and if you want, I’ll leave. No questions asked. But I know you won’t

“Out. Period.” He walked over to the cabinet above the sink and grabbed two glasses and placed them on either side of the tablets. He opened the drawer and stared at the single six inch blade inside It doesn’t have to be dirty you know. You could be gentle.

“I’ll be swift. But I need the red.” He placed the knife below the crushed pills. As he looked down, staring at his diamond the doorbell rang.

It’s time.

He wiped the sweat from his brow and walked out of the kitchen towards the front door. He unhinged the latch and took a deep breath before opening the door.

Remember, just smile

“Hi Amy,” he said with a cheek to cheek grin. “You look amazing.”

She returned the smile, “Hey, sorry I’m late. It took forever to find your beach house.”

Oh, nowhere near sorry my dear. Not yet.

“Oh , it’s no problem. It’s a little ways into the woods before you hit the lake. No worries though, it gave me time to prepare.” he reached out and taped her shoulder, “Come on in, I’ll fix you a drink.”

The thrill of the hunt was almost as good as the first sight of scarlet, and the rush this time was immeasurable. He licked the dripping blade land let the metallic taste seep into his taste buds.

What do you get out of playing this little game of yours? It’s been seven so far.

“Don’t you know already? You live inside my head for God’s sake.”

That room’s locked. Even I can’t get in there.

He tapped his front tooth with the point of the dripping blade, “It’s dead now, this fear I had the first time we did it. I want to feel it again.” He lied on his back next to her. Even in death she was gorgeous. He stroked her blonde locks, now painted red and kissed her on the cheek. “You’re right, Ted. We can be great, you and I. They’ll write books about us, and study us in universities. Bundy and Samuels.”

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