[WP] You're a sadistic philosophy professor who kidnaps people and puts them in real-life versions of famous thought experiments.

I never had time for philosophy. Right was right and wrong was wrong and bleating about ambiguity didn't change a damn thing about it.

Professor Barnes knew what I thought. He also knew the only reason I was in his class was to fulfil my elective requirements. I suppose that's why he kidnapped me that day, no matter how much he went on about how I failed my ethics exam.

But as far as I'm concerned, I passed the practical test with flying colors.

That's the problem with thought experiments, you see. Abstract questions of morality are too limiting. In reality, you never have no choice but to sacrifice the few for the many.

And as sadistic as Professor Barnes was, he didn't deal well with pain at all. Let alone the prospect of death by trolley.

I stopped the cart before it ever reached the fork in the tracks, and everyone lived happily ever after.

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