Zelensky says two generals who turned out to be traitors stripped of their rank

Honestly, I'm feeling indignation that you would think that I see the world as black and white. I clearly stated above that people have the right to defend themselves which is what Ukraine is doing.

Also, if you think abortion is killing a person, then you're kind of agreeing with the prolife side. It's not a person until it's able to breathe on its own.

Euthanasia is performed when someone has a terminal illness and is going to die so they undergo the procedure so they don't have to suffer.

These examples are not the same as taking the life of someone a government calls a criminal. Especially because it isn't easy to draw a line. When does treason become punishable by death? When your actions lead to the death of one? Two? Or is it when you say something the government doesn't agree with? Should protest be punishable by death?

Any government should not be able to punish people with death, precisely because the world isn't black and white

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