11 dead and 5,600 people sent to hospitals in Japan due to heat-related issues

It's so bad. I'm down near the Kansai area (near Osaka). After that typhoon last weekend, it's like the entire planet just jumped up a million degrees. This week marks the first time I've ever needed to have the AC on throughout the entire night. I have two pet turtles, and I keep a thermometer in their tank to monitor the temperature. This morning their water was 30.2°C! I don't know what to do about that if it goes any higher!! The other day my friend and I saw an older guy that looked like he had just dropped due to heat while riding his bike (he was being helped by police when we showed up, but lying unconscious in the grass). It's crazy. They ended baseball practice at my school today really early because it's just too hot. I'm not looking forward to future summers

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