I have an escort booked for the weekend but I don’t know if I want to cheat.

Well I probably just have given up on it becoming better. Realised that the issue was not with me after a few years which really helped me out avoids necessary fights and not feel like I shit when I get shut down for physical affection.

Solved it for some time but it’s been getting worse, and I feel there is no consideration for me. She would call my name in the house like 1 word and I would always reply “yes” like 3 times but she would never say a word until I go see her And usually she expect it to be immediate. But the other way if I just ask her to come see me, she would take her time and end up with me coming see her. This is just one example. Worse is lately she comes vent out at me with some issues and since I take it easy she gets angry at me for looking calm or if I give a solution she gets angry cause she thinks I am controlling her actions.

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