Do anyone have experience using Isrib for PTSD?

I tried 2mgs/kilo daily for 4 days. No cognitive, behavioural, or anti-inflammatory effects to report. No human trials. Works on mice, but causes heart damage in dogs. Search for analogues seek ones that do less liver damage than t-isrib. Not soluble in water per Selleckchem, Sigma-Aldrich t-isrib data sheets, needs that solvent, but kids there dissolve it in coffee and experience Brad-like abilities, vivid colors. Lots of alphabet polypharmacy there. Btw, have you tried guanfacine, prazosin? Feel free to DM. I"m that fractious know-it-all guy on the reddit. I sound like a retired nurse. I don't call a spade a spade, I call it a fcking shovel to their dismay.

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