I approached a guy yesterday, this is how it went

The guy I knew wasn’t “unbelievably handsome” but he was very handsome and had worked as a model. We’d hang out in a major US metro, not in approach oriented venues, and women would approach him once or twice each hangout. Sometimes while we wait in line for things, sometimes just walking from place to place - projecting from the time we spent together I’d estimate a woman approached him more than once a day on average, we were in our late twenties and I’d guess most of those who approached were in their thirties, I think they had more confidence than the younger ones.

So yeah, you could encourage more women to approach guys, but IMO, that won’t increase the number of guys being approached - guys like my buddy will be approached twice as much, and guys who never get approached now will still never get approached. For 95% of men, the reason women aren’t approaching you isn’t social scripts, it just means you’re not unbelievably handsome.

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