I became a Canadian Citizen today. Originally from Ireland. This is the proudest day of my life.

So you don't care about 23.7% of people? That's 78 million Americans. This is why we call you selfish and uncaring. You see a large enough number and finish a still very large number of struggling people.

And this "is why we call you" an idiot. Your claim was "only rich people have insurance". I said that claim was stupid(because it is). And instead of admitting you said something stupid you're moving the goal posts and putting words in my mouth. I never said I didn't care or had no empathy for people without insurance. I said "only rich people have insurance" is a dumb ass thing to say. You also piled on by saying "23.7% of people" because I made it perfectly clear I Was referring to private health insurance and not insurance in general. 23.7% of people not having private insurance doesn't mean 23.7% don't have any insurance.

Keep spamming for Bernie. You're doing a fine job at the "his supporters are ignorant kids" cliche.

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