Blue Pills who don't disagree with it all, have you successfully used a Red Pill Tactic in your love life?

Yeah, although not intentionally.

In my mid twenties I had spent a lot of time by myself and had gotten used to the solitude. Somehow I ended up attracting people who liked my stoicism, although we weren't really compatible in the slightest.

I was still heartbroken over my first love, which enabled me to be not all that invested in the ensuing relationships I had afterward. This made my (rebound) boyfriend at the time work especially hard to win my favor.

I mean I wasn't a happy person, but I could see that my emotionally distant nature created a sort of want in other people at times.

There was a time when LMR could've applied to my life: as in my partner wanted me to "just go for it." But he refused to give me any hint that that was what he actually wanted, insisting such moments should just "naturally occur." Even though we both wanted me to ravish him, I didn't do so because that's something I would not like him to do to me. (He sort of trained me to look at sexual matters this way - i.e. empathize with his position before blindly asserting my lust upon him - which works most of the time except in situations like this one.) God. Damn. It!

Even though that's what we both wanted, I still stand by my decision not to ravish him until he gave me some sign that he welcomed such behavior. Does that ruin the illusion? Too fucking bad! I'm not going to risk raping the person I love on the off-chance that that's what he really wants. Fuck's sake! It wouldn't ruin the experience if he just gave me some clue that I wasn't actually raping him! Believe me! I will gladly ensure that the sex doesn't feel consensual only after I get some fucking consent!

Btw, I'm a genderfluid, biologically female snowflake, and ime all these TRP tactics work just as well on men as they supposedly do on women. I've also noticed that many people who first know me as a masculine person have shown disgust when I "drop frame" and act feminine. Both men and women have had this reaction to me. I'm not going to stop acting feminine when the mood strikes, it's just interesting to feel that revulsion. I think dealing with that unspoken disgust is a uniquely male experience (that masculine-of-center people can also have).

Personally when people show me that they can't handle seeing my occasional femininity alongside my masculinity, I view them as weak. I'm a very masculine person. That temperament has always been there since I was a kid. If you think a moment of me fangirling out or wanting to be pretty negates that, you're a fool. These girly inclinations ensure that my masculinity does not grow brittle and burdensome.

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