Cutting ties with high school friends

I'm in a similar position in my life. I plan to travel in my early 20s and my main goal is to work somewhere other than my home country. America, Australia, Canada, anywhere different. I hate the weather here for one. The other reason is that I find my hometown to be depressing and the people here which I grew up with seem to shun me more and more nowadays. I've been told i'm funny, nice, generous and interesting by a lot of people but my hometown friends seem to think the opposite now. Last time I went out it was just horrible and I came back pretty upset. I try too hard with people.

I'm certain that one "friend" in particular has been bitching about me to a few people close to him, which has clearly spread to a lot of others. I can tell because those people now visibly do not listen to a single word I say when i talk and its like they expect me to say boring stuff, which makes me not bother at all and come off as more boring and uninteresting, and the conversation goes nowhere. This bitchy guy hates me because of jealousy - his feelings of inadequacy, and probably because I didn't want to talk constantly when we lived together and maybe didn't listen to his shittalking as much as I could have. Then again i'm not perfect either I have good intentions. I want to be friends with everyone, but others seem to want enemies for some bizzare reason. I don't like to brag but for the purpose of the post, I've been told that I'm very good looking. I've got a good degree too, I work out and I've been abroad every opportunity I get. As i turned from the unwanted entity i was in my teenage years to the person I am today, the worse the encounters became. Its like its an accepted thing here to belittle people who are happy. I'm just pissed off that this douche has given me a bad reputation with everyone else, and even more pissed off that his attempts at excluding me because of his insecurities are working. I wish the others could see, and that they could get to know me better now, I change all the time and so has everyone else. It's like they don't know me anymore. I'm very doubtful of myself on a lot of things and my group like to take advantage of that. I'm a fucking idiot really. I still have a couple of good friends elsewhere though, which I feel like I have a much deeper connection with.

My advice is: always remember is that 'misery likes company' and the best thing to do is to leave the negativity, judgement and hate to the mind of the person that has this view of you. They are the ones that suffer from it ultimately.

As for me, this Christmas has kind of been the last straw. My social life here is over I feel. I now know that there is a whole world of better people and places than here, why the fuck wouldn't I move? Well, a big part of me doesn't want isolate myself from them since they were a big part of my life, and I don't want to forget about my childhood here. Its hard to think that way but life goes on I guess, and I need to follow my dreams.

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