Did anyone here transition from religion to atheism?

I did. I was born a Christian (or forcefully was applied that faith). I was baptised, went to Sunday school and made a small prayer before going to bed for 10 to 13 years of my life. But despite my effort to keep up with religion as a child, I couldn't help but to feel it was a burden and a theft of my time. Even then, I would occassionally lash out and refuse to go to Sunday school because I was often irritatingly woken up from my deep sleep during the early morning in order to be told to get ready.

However, there came a change in my tune when I was just beggining to go through puberty - I refused to go to church altogether (I had already left Sunday school by then), with the initial excuse that secondary school was getting too heavy (it wasn't). By the time I was well into my teens it was obvious to them I had turned into a full-blown atheist as well as a liberal (by then-standards, at least), bizzarrely yielding a great resentment from them to me (their own son), despite my relative passiveness. I don't recall ever having a genuine conversation with my parents.

In hindsight, I don't think I ever really believed in god. The reason I kept up with religion was due to my own my fear of my parents, not due to my fear of god. I simply don't recall living my childhood with the impending, dooming thought of god at the back of my head, advicing me, intimidating me.

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