Want a Diploma? Pass the Citizenship Exam First: "Arizona has become the first state to pass a law requiring all high school students to pass a citizenship exam in order to graduate from high school."

Wow... on the one hand I REALLY worry about the motivations behind this.

This has a totalitarian kind of feel to it.

Very importantly, I STRONGLY believe that no one who is BORN IN THE USA, should ever have to "prove themselves" by taking a US citizenship exam.

This should NOT ever be allowed to happen in America.

If you are born in the USA, you automatically have earned your right to the usual societal benefits available in America.

ALL people BORN IN THE USA deserve the right to full citizenship status, and all societal benefits available to all American people.

AGAIN: No one born in America should ever be forced to pass a citizenship test.

Citizenship tests are NOT for American citizens born in the USA. They are ONLY for legitimate immigrants who are invited to join America permanently.

Also... by ramming this down the throats of students, it also sends a rather strong negative message.

It implies that students are somehow not fully citizens of the USA, until they pass that citizenship test.

You're not really/fully a US citizen, until you pass this citizenship test we are forcing you to take (even though you were BORN in the USA)!

It also sounds a heck of a lot like their diploma is being held "hostage" and they are being given an ultimatum by their diploma's captors.

The captors of their diploma are effectively politicians, who are probably implementing this creepy bill, mostly for political-gain reasons.

At the very least this is going to create some rather negative feelings towards the subject of civics.

In short, if a student fails to "prove their citizenship" in this way, they will not receive a high school diploma, and the chances/probability of success in life will be greatly diminished.

This might also possibly push some borderline students over the edge, and increase the rate of high school drop outs.

In theory you could also have some students with straight A's in math, computers, physics... but who are not very good with civics lessons.

On the other hand, the purpose of High School is to teach, and convey knowledge and wisdom.

It is very important to have knowledge of American civics/history.

But this doesn't mean you should FORCE Americans to essentially prove their citizenship worthiness with a citizenship test.

Instead, the solution is to ENHANCE and CHANGE the curriculum of American history subjects in high school, and the way American history/civics is taught.

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