Donald Trump goes to Scottish Supreme Court to fight the placement of a wind farm near his golf course because the 11 turbines would "spoil the view."

You only mention bernie sanders once, and while invoking bush to exonerate Obama, you say that Obama's short cing should not be brought up, because he delivered us to bernie sanders. You really don't see the blatant double standard there?

And no I didn't do this at all.

I'm telling you to stop aimlessly complaining about Obama when you could be more proactive about the future. It's not at all comparable to what I said regarding Bush -- I merely mentioned the fact that his 8 years in office preceded Obama's and the 8 years prior to 2008 had an effect on the years following it.

I don't say Obama's short comings shouldn't be brought up -- I question what the purpose is, and what your end goal is for doing so. I've already acknowledged multiple times that Obama has lied and played the part of the dirty politician -- this isn't news to me or anyone else, yet you keep acting like you're some kind of prophet 'proving' something.

Delusional. Also, I'm not saying that everything Obama did is good because it ultimately led to Bernie Sanders -- that's a gross oversimplification of my argument and you know that wasn't what I meant. But you decided to try to oversimplify things because that's the only way you could come up with a retort.

No, the fact is, Obama's time in office has been a net good. It's hard to 'score' a President especially when so much of what he does is contingent on others in the government being compliant.

I do, however, argue that Obama's time in office and the changes that have happened during his time in office -- however instrumental in them he may have been -- have made for the political climate that has allowed for Bernie's campaign to get the support it is.

See the big picture. Stop just staring at the picture of Obama that you've hung on your dartboard and drawn a little Hitler moustache on, you fuckin loon.

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