Europe hits Google with a record $5 billion fine

A similar situation for if we take the analogy as the physical store being the play store is where the customer gets shopping carts or baskets preloaded with the good corn upon entering the store.

That doesn't make sense because you can't preload google chrome onto the play store. The play store isn't an OS. You just described the device as the store again.

Let's revamp the metaphor! The device is an empty shopping mall, the play store is the best architect in the area, but the corn store is owned by him so he doesn't want to build any new stores within the shopping mall unless his store is open right when the shopping mall opens. Nobody is forced to go to the google corn store, its just there. Nobody is forced to use him as their architect either, but they want to otherwise their shopping mall won't be as nice as the other shopping malls around town.

This EU fine effectively tells the architect he cannot make the corn store his payment for building out the entire Samsung shopping mall, and he must do it for free instead.

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