Getting over COVID and bringing my kid places - advice/stories/help please?

I feel fear and anxiety, on a spectrum I probably have more anxiety than most.... as an adult I've hacked some ways to manage and even leverage my anxiety positively. In these 'unprecedented times' I've been in a sort of upside down world where I feel surrounded by the anxious and although I'm disturbed by those who are disturbed and the disruption it causes, I feel relatively comfortable. The biggest influence on my sense of comfort has been fostering my personal interpretation of the most trusted data that I can find and the course that nature runs in populations. Humans are not as unique as we sometimes imagine and we have lots of precedent for population dynamics. There is a lot of data available, not only about Covid but about other well known threats; comparing them and considering against choices we made pre-covid and will likely continue with post-covid, is a reality check that the media has not been encouraging. I can't make sense of the one sided, unchecked expression of Covid narrative but suspect the disproportionate representation has a lot to do with media making profit on clicks and views combined with a US election in November.

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