Good Luck

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What I found in facebook... 60 1yr funny 6
Smart kid. 25 1yr funny 11
You win this time... 38 2yrs funny 8
The definition of "this is going to hurt me worse than it's going to hurt you". 80 1yr funny 10
Outsmarted parents 21 2yrs funny 4
One great way to troll your parents like a boss! 31 2yrs funny 4
Good luck 30 1yr funny 14
This kid is an evil genius 972 2yrs funny 68
Legos 87 10dys funny 21
"Are you gonna whoop me?" 27 7mos funny 5
I wish I would've thought of this when I was a kid 17 1yr funny 9
I should have done 11 1yr funny 6
Smartest kid ever B 22 1yr funny 10

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