Happened a few years ago and still admire her honesty

That happened to me once, except I managed to place the bet. I had a particularly vivid dream about being at the casino once, and the two key things that registered were a string of numbers ending in 29 three times, and playing roulette. I went to the casino that day, and was playing blackjack. The pit boss called for a change of cards, so I stood up to stretch the legs, and I saw that string of numbers on the roulette table behind me. I managed to drop $5 on 29 just as last bets was called, and it popped for the first time. I let it ride, and it hit again. Third time, I maxed out the bet, and dropped $5 on every combination that would pay on 29 - splits, corners, columns, the six line, everything I could bet on - and it popped for the third time. I pocketed the chips (came to a bit over $1500), went back to the blackjack table, hit a Super 7s jackpot (three suited 7s, which paid another $1500) and then walked before whatever happened turned against me.

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