'Heartbreaking,' Say Global Experts, Alarmed at Signs US Has 'Given Up' Fight to Stop Covid-19: "I can't imagine what it must be like having to go to work knowing it"s unsafe," said one expert in New Zealand. "It's hard to see how this ends."

I never thought it was greatest, but i thought it was great, as other countries think their special things are great.

I wanted to travel but appreciate my own garden.

I have been watching those great things be destroyed since 2016.

At least one church i attended has told people to stop watching the news.

I lost that too. If you dont understand how christians vote for trump, it is because of creepy televangelists support of trump and being afraid of offending them.

There is something crazy going on in America. I read a book about people killing neighbors with machetes. I wanted to know how. I read books about Nazi war crimes. I wanted to know why.

Now i live in America in 2020, and this is...kindof how i expected it to be.

The FOX is in the church henhouse. The hens fear the watchdog because they that think, have heard the fox is on their side. They will vote for the fox even as it eats them.

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