House Passes Bill to Limit Cost of Insulin to $35 a Month

I don't think that's a fair comparison; a home invader acts with malice and initiates the circumstances that result in self-defence being taken against them whereas a conceived child does not; in fact a developing foetus, if it were a person, takes no conscious action at all, let alone malicious.

All I'm saying is that there's a valid position that is held and a lot of these people genuinely think they're fighting to save the lives of children. The shit is complicated and people like to act like it isn't. Again: it's literally none of my business. These decisions are to be ultimately taken by the mother. I just don't like arguments in bad faith, especially coming from my own camp.

(And I genuinely don't understand why "is a foetus a person" is a straw man. So far as I can see it is genuinely the core of the argument.)

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