I'd go on r/relationship_advice but I don't want her seeing this.

First off, the way I broke up with her was showing up to her house and giving her dad the 1500 in cash. I got this money by selling a lot of own shit. Anyways, I showed up, gave him the cash and said I didn't want to be a part of this family and I no longer wanted to be with his daughter. I only did this because she involved her parents and made it seem like I did nothing but borrow her money and lose it. Secondly, why fuck me? I know she didn't lose the money, but she's supposed to be my ride or die girl. Everything I made was spent on her and not on me. The only reason I wanted to start investing again was so she would stop complaining about me not "providing" for her. I was fucking 20, still in school with low income parents that weren't giving me shit. Do you see my dilemma? Third, what do you mean by "so clearly it wasn't important." I didn't think I had to explain to my SO that everything mine is hers and that I should expect the same sort of treatment. This may not be how people act in their relationships, but it is what I want in mine. She has now said that she too feels the same way about this "our" concept. Four: "don't borrow money from her" doesn't work. I only borrowed the money so I could invest and make money to spend on her and only her. Five: Yes it took me almost a year to repay her. I'm not terrible with money. In my post I explained that she came up with the repayment plan. She kept wanting all those bags and shit and fancy dinners even though I told her that if we stopped for a month, I could repay her. She decided not to. Six: The same behavior I encountered was explained in the post. It's about the pent up feelings. Seven: I'm going to EDC because I have money and I owe no debts. Once again, I've paid her back. You've given me no advice on the actual situation.

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