Imagine a world without religion....

This is r/ exchristian. Not r/ atheism or r/ anti-theism. Also, we have at least one or two members here who are muslim. Please consider this next time you are tempted post drivel like this. Not everyone here is an atheist and seeing shit like this on here is alienating in a community where many of varying backgrounds come to vent and discuss. This is nothing but accusatory, simple minded bs.
Obviously, religion can and often does divide, I'm not a fan myself, I prefer spirituality. But there were far more factors in 9/11 than simply religion, and its nothing but empty accusations with no intellect behind them to blame the entirety of Islam for it. A man was responsible. Crazy people were responsible. Motivated by politics, religion, greed, power, ect.
Also, I hate this shit because thousands of people died in 9/11 and I deplore when people use it as an example of " this is why religion/islam is bad". Its no better than when Christians do the same thing but with "imagine a world without islam". Its ignorant at best and malicious at worst.

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