Just put vinyl siding up on my workshop - found a great product

Well, my trim was wood 1by material which was starting to fail , so I wanted a vinyl product to replace it. My windows were older aluminum ones that had a really large flange around them which makes it tough to nail trim right up against them. So this brick mould with a wide built in flange makes it great to not have to fight nailing through the aluminum flange. The built in J channel means I didn't have to purchase and nail on yet another piece around the trim I just installed.

I just never cared for the look of J channel around a window or door, it just looks, well . . . cheap, especially the vertical pieces.

So to sum it up not only does this trim have a built in J channel to look cleaner, it also has the flange to move the nailing surface away from the windows flange. It only requires installation of ONE product instead of 2. This stuff came in 17' lengths, so more pieces out of each length and was fairly priced.

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