Loneliness sucks, but just keep trying to better yourself and wait for the right one.

Going through something like this currently and feeling the need to vent...maybe someone will see.

I will be 25 this year (so young I know, but I've always been an old soul) and have been out of the relationship game for 3+ years. In this time I graduated college, found a great job in my field, adopted a dog, started pursuing my masters, and will be looking to buy my first house soon. Had a few flings here and there, but nothing serious. I told myself after my last relationship that I would never settle again and have really been looking for someone I can connect with.

So recently I have been going on a few dates. Girls I've met, mutual friends, the online scene, etc. No real connections for me (and I don't think for them either) so nothing came of those. Then I "matched" (no it wasn't Tinder guys) one girl online, and we got to chatting for a few weeks. Similar interests, hobbies, grew up in the same area, similar point in our lives. Man, I honestly was thinking she could be one - never have I ever talked to a girl who shared so many of the same interests I do. And she was cool and cute on top of that!

So we finally end up meeting for drinks one night. We spend a couple hours at the bar before she needs to leave to get back home. I walk her to her car, say our goodbyes, and I give her a little kiss on the mouth - unsure really of what to do. When it comes to "game," I have none. Zero. I thought the date could have went a bit better, but I thought it went well overall. I texted her later saying how I couldn't wait to see her again. She ensured me she had gotten home okay and said the feeling was mutual, and wished we currently lived closer! Wow! Excitement!

Flash forward a couple weeks to now. I am sitting here writing this post. Said-girl has been radio silencing me for a few days now, after I asked her to meet up again. Her responses had been a bit more few a far between the days before that. I was hoping it wasn't true, but I'm not dumb and can take the hint - she doesn't want to see me again.

Now, I've been rejected in the past. Too many times to count. Countless times if you will. I am not one to dwell, and I know it hasn't been too long yet, but I can't seem to shake this feeling currently. It would be a lot easier if I got some sort of confirmation from her that she isn't interested, instead of getting dropped like a bad habit. </vent>

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