My friends wanted to see what reddit would say. have at it

How the fuck did you fit through your moms vagina my god.

Your sweater is right, etc is for all the extra body you have; Description, male, hispanic, hair, etc.

if you turn it upside down you get a squinting cyclops with an afro.

Garfield the cat looking ass.

Smile looking like you just shit and shoved something in your ass simultaneously.

Is the lower part of your face an attachment? my god with all the extra mass you have on your chin alone, you could make a whole new baby.

IM guessing you left your chin hair growing because you wanted to see how your pubes look, since chances are you havent seen them in years due to the ecliplse of belly fat obscuring your view.

Nashiville, farmer, 90's dad looking ass jeans.

You look like they just plopped your head on your body like an action figure, theres no way that head AND chin made it through that tiny sweater opening.

Fingers looking like Jimmy Deans smoked sausages. Irony you never get your sausage smoked.

If you look closely you can see a couple of moons orbiting this mf, trying to make contact.

You can tell your breath reeks by the tiny eroding mustache on your lip. Its burnt off!

Nice eyes, they make you look like an obese crocodile.

haha sorry man, had to do it to ya.

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