OBJ 'not having fun anymore' playing football

The thing is Eli would've had LT, Merriman, Gates, and other greats who worked hard with the team to get a top offense & defense (though, strangely, special teams was shite). I'm skeptical of just saying "Eli was right" about the franchise overall because it turns out he would have had a 14-2 coach leading an amazing team with a potential GOAT of a running back. Turns out Archie/Eli was right about the Spanoses, but Eli would have had a good shot with a great coach just like Rivers got a good shot with a great coach.

Then they came up short by 3 vs the Pats off of a freak turn of events. If we're going to reflect on the past, why do we forget the good coach & good players we had? If McCree doesn't fumble or Kaeding makes the kick, there'd be homers saying Eli was a joke for missing out on a Super Bowl run after beating the Patriots.

Presentism is a weird lens to use here... Dean doesn't coach the team, he just ends up fucking with the coaches. I dislike the guy, but I feel like "Eli was right" is a really dodgy overreaction when applied to the team itself. Both Eli and Rivers have had great careers, it's just only 1 team can come up with rings and it just hasn't been the Chargers. Mid 2000s were their best shot. They came close two years in a row, and unfortunately a torn ACL on Rivers and an injured LT meant the team's chances went to shit (4 FGs were all they could get vs the Pats that time around).

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