It's only been a couple months since my wife passed away, and most people are great, but...

I've lost everyone in my life in order of birth. I've lost everyone else in my family in order of sanity. I've got an entire family that is still alive and has nothing to do with me. I've got an entire line of family that I don't want anything to do with them.

I'm unable to have my own children. I decided to take in a child who has an entire lineage that doesn't want to admit he exists.

No, there is no rule book to any of this, but my entire family exists and none of them want to admit I exist, nor does my son. You came here to want to hear some opposite of what you have been hearing, so I'll go ahead and give it to you. You must be excited to understand they are in a better place. Their life is over.

I've had 2 good friends commit suicide. One of them was because he didn't feel like life could offer more than what him and his wife could provide each other. Hey! fuck yeah! Great fucking outlook. I can't give birth to children Pony, but your life is so much more horrible than mine. I'm going to adopt a child unwanted by his entire existence, you just go ahead and put that shotgun into your chest Pony and do it. Your terrible life. You must be in a better place..

I understand you have death surrounding you versus me who does not. I've surrounded myself with life. I've got an oldest brother who changed his name, an older brother who put a gun to my head and now I'm with my wife and we can't have children, so we decided to go and adopt. We decided to scrape the barrel of society and find what sludge we could find.

What am I supposed to tell my son when he gets older and his entire family exists and none of them want anything to do with him? He's in a better place? You don't want the sympathy, so I won't give it to you, but I will in informing you, YOU are in a better place. Everyone wants to see you in a better place.

He's in a better place. Fuck that. You are in a better place.

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